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~ endnotes ~

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If any link is broken or no longer free, please let me know.

(endnote 1) Earth's average temperature risen 2°F since 1880
(endnote 2) climate change almost unanimously attributed to greenhouse gases
(endnote 3) Earth has a solid inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core
(endnote 4) Earth's core has freedom to spin and oscillate
(endnote 5) Earth's core is magnetic
(endnote 6) the magnetic north pole moved 50 miles in 2020
(endnote 7) the magnetic north pole accelerating
(endnote 8) magnetic north pole movement evidence of geomagnetic reversal
(endnote 9) explanation of geomagnetic reversal, geomagnetic excursion
(endnote 10) last geomagnetic reversal was 770,000 years ago
(endnote 11) Earth's magnetic field down 10% since the 1830s
(endnote 12) explanation of the South Atlantic anomaly
(endnote 13) magnetic anomalies in Earth's mantle
(endnote 14) the Van Allen belts shield from solar radiation
(endnote 15) the Van Allen belts are formed by the interaction of Earth's magnetosphere and solar radiation
(endnote 16) the Van Allen belts protect earth's atmosphere
(endnote 17) how Mars lost its atmosphere
(endnote 18) the Van Allen belts are not static
(endnote 19) the Van Allen belts vary with Earth's magnetosphere
(endnote 20) Atmosphere volume = 4.2 x 1018 m3
Van Allen belts volume = 1.1 x 1023 m3
(endnote 21) the Starfish Prime detonation created a 3rd Van Allen belt
(endnote 22) ELF, ULF, and VLF transmission sites around the world
(endnote 23) radio waves from Earth clear out space radiation belt
(endnote 24) the Van Allen belts are harmful to spacecraft
(endnote 25) the proposed HiVOLT system (let's get rid of that pesky atmosphere!)
(endnote 26) clearing out the Van Allen belts described as "fascinating" and compared to building dams on earth

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